Spoken Words

Last night, I went to my first spoken word event. Spoken Words is a monthly gathering of poets and story tellers that is held at a small café/bar in Buxton called the Tea Chest. I approached the venue with some trepidation as the poster gave limited clues as to how the event would run.

It’s always a bit nerve racking going somewhere new for the first time, especially when you’re on your own. Thankfully any fears I had were unfounded as the attendees were all very welcoming. About twenty people were there, with a real mix of ages and backgrounds.

After initial introductions and drinks the night got started. Everyone got five minutes to read a piece of their original work to the rest of the group. Once everyone had completed a reading we then broke for refreshments (Drink! As Father Jack would say) before doing a second round.

The night isn’t about giving feedback to authors, but there was lots of encouragement on offer with everyone getting applauded for their efforts.

It was also really interesting listening to the different pieces being read out. Personally it gave me an idea of what works and what doesn’t and while I know, that assessment is mine alone, I think it will help guide the length and shape of my future compositions.

I left with a promise that I would return and read something which is good news for my writing practice.  I am far more productive when I have a deadline looming!

If anyone lives locally I would recommend attending especially if you want to share your work and hear different approaches. The next event will be held on Tuesday 1st September at 7.45pm.


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