The Pleasure and the Pain

Do you remember Back to the Future with Michael J Fox?  Of course you do.  Well unfortunately for me after an amazing week away from it all, it was…Back to Reality.  I know of course, that to experience pleasure you have to be familiar with the opposite emotion, but did it have to run concurrently?  Anyway suffice to say that I have found it quite difficult to rejoin the real world after the bubble that was Lumb Bank.

The good news though, is that I have written more this week than before and have reworked a couple of pieces I started in Yorkshire. I have listened to podcasts on writing; bought books on writing and woken up thinking about what I am writing!  The course and subsequent contacts from the writers I met, have really given me the impetus to get going.

I have even found a Telling Tales night held once a month in Buxton where I’ll be able to go along and listen to others’ stories.  If I can muster the courage I could always read some of my work too.  First night is 4th August, so I shall let you know how it goes.


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