I have a cunning plan – Part Two

Step 2 of my new found approach is to immerse myself in all things writing so I have taken out a subscription to a quarterly writing magazine called Mslexia.  It is full of features; stories; publication opportunities and course details.  When this drops onto the door mat every quarter it should give me the creative boost I’m after.

I have also started searching the web for inspiration and recently watched a TED Talk featuring Nathan Filer, author of The Shock of the Fall.  Nathan had 7 golden rules that he shared – all of which I have now written up and refer to each day.

Most importantly I have started writing every day.  Correction – that should say I have started ‘trying‘ to write every day.  Sometimes I sit at the table for half an hour and nothing comes, but having set aside the time I hope that with practice and perseverance, I will eventually find it easier.


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