I have a cunning plan – Part One

One of the reasons I have struggled to write in the past is that I haven’t had a plan. I can still hear my teacher now – failing to plan is planning to fail!  They were right of course, so I know that if I’m going to stay motivated this time, I’ll need to set myself mini goals to work towards and seek out inspiration and encouragement to keep me going.

I know I work best with a deadline in mind so my plan is to look at competitions across the year and select a number to enter.  I then have a deadline.  I have no expectation of winning anything and might not even enter, but I will make sure that I have a completed entry by the closing date, as I want to build up a portfolio of work.  This approach is already bearing some fruit.  I entered the Buxton Poetry Competition in April and wrote my first ever poem.  The theme was time and I entitled my entry – A Pilgrimage

It has been too long
I always think this and mouth the words in silent penance

The swings are still here
Different colours, but the same

Four decades ago
In joyful arcs
This would have been my destination
But not today

Undulating baize flows down towards the Abbey
This once bloody meadow
Now benign

Close by, you wait for me
Your green cocoon
Guarded by forgotten behemoths
Testaments to those who dwell elsewhere now

With whispered greeting
I place my flowers at your feet
And promise solemnly
I will not forget

I was really pleased with this, my first effort.  I think poems are a good place to start in teaching myself that less is more.  I’ve since entered another poetry competition at the end of May.

My aim is to always have a work in progress.


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